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  • Chicagoland Patient Advocates LLC,(www.chipadvo.com), is a privately owned Skokie, Illinois firm which provides professional patient advocate services to people in the Chicagoland area. Our mission is to serve you and your family if and when you have a medical or healthcare crisis. We are professionally trained to assist people who need help navigating our complex health care system.
  • We are experts in certain areas: helping families select long term skilled nursing and/or assisted living facilities for their family member; helping with all insurance related issues. We will work on your behalf to help you understand any questions or concerns about your insurance. We will help you select the best insurance plan for your personal needs,; we will help you enroll in Medicare, help you become medicaid eligible, enroll in Social Security for the disabled, and appeal insurance claims which are denied. We will help you review and negotiate medical bills .
  • In areas requiring specialized clinical expertise, we have a team of nurses with whom we collaborate. Our goal is to to work on behalf of our clients to resolve all of their specific issues.

We proudly adhere to a rigorous Code of Ethics set forth by the National Association of Healthcare Advocates.

  • Transparency and Honest Disclosure;
  • Protecting Confidentiality and Privacy;
  • Fostering Autonomy;
  • Provision of Competent Services;
  • Avoidance of Impropriety and Maintenance of Professional Boundaries;
  • Avoidance of Discriminatory Practices;
  • Continued Learning;

If you receive a diagnosis of any kind, we will guide you to the best physician and healthcare providers.Our role is not limited to a one time task.

Rather we can be engaged on an ongoing basis to monitor all of your health care needs, making sure that there is coordination and communication with physicians and all the various providers,whether in a hospital or long term care facility, or whether you are at home.

We will make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, and every detail is managed.

We are professionally trained; and we work as a team to resolve your problems so as to enable you to enjoy your lives and not have to be burdened with navigating our healthcare maze.