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Avrom Fox considers patient advocacy to be a mission. He excels at finding the best health care setting for patients, helping people handle insurance claims, and researching healthcare issues. He has a particular interest in assisting seniors, children, and people with special needs.


Avrom Fox, MSW

Graduate Certificate in Patient Advocacy (UCLA)

A former social worker and successful entrepreneur, Avrom was inspired to enter this field by his daughter, who has special needs. He has advocated for her fiercely for 37 years, through more than 20 surgeries. Avrom effectively fought insurance companies on her behalf, securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in initially-denied claims. He succeeded at getting her placed in a supportive living apartment in New York City, a feat for out-of-state residents.

Since becoming a professional healthcare advocate, Avrom has taken on a number of challenging cases: these include cases dealing with insurance claims and bills; an appeal to the State of Illinois on behalf of a fragile young boy covered by a waiver of medicaid, who was awarded the funds for nursing care, which the State threatened to significantly reduce; coordinating the necessary and ongoing treatment for a man who almost died of an overdose and was in a coma for two weeks in a local hospital; monitoring the ongoing medical needs of an elderly patient who needed a tracheostomy in order to be sustained; negotiated for the admission of a critically ill medicaid patient with a tracheostomy into a skilled care nursing facility and serving as the primary monitor of her care; consulting on the health and long term care insurance of various clients.