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Service tailored to your needs

Each of our clients are different. Needs range from research, verification, guidance during decision making, to exploring options and connecting the client to the right resource. We are happy to offer hourly fees for specific services, or a project fee based on time and effort. What works best for you? Our fees are among the lowest in the country, as we recognize that our services are private, and not reimbursable through Medicare of private insurance. We are flexible and are prepared to negotiate a fee which is affordable

Why Patient Advocacy is Needed

Consumers of healthcare want to be engaged in their health and healthcare. But they realize the industry is complex, fragmented and requires a specialized skill. In addition, with the cost of healthcare services increasingly shifting to the consumer, people are more cognizant of the true cost of services and want to ensure the recommended plan of care is necessary and meets their goals. When faced with healthcare challenges, many individuals realize the advantage of having a patient advocate, who gives them a voice, understands their goals, conducts research and provides valuable information to help them make informed decisions

Our Services Include But are Not limited to:

  • HELP with making difficult healthcare decisions which impact your life.
  • HELP with identifying the best physicians and providers in order to insure the highest quality and continuity of medical care.
  • HELP with finding you the most ideal long- term skilled care nursing and/or assisted living facility as well as short term rehab and home health cares service for your elderly or infirm family member.
  • HELP with ongoing management ,coordination and communication with physicians, specialists, and hospital staff to make sure there is no duplication or oversight in the delivery of medical care; we will effectively be on the premises to serve as your team captain, and if and when you come home, we will continue in this critical role.
  • HELP with insurance issues-including medicare, medicaid, and social security, as well as private health and lon term coverage; we will fight on your behalf for denied claims, and will negotiate medical bills; we will help you enroll in medicare and select the most appropriate supplement, and help you become medicaid eligible. We will help you recognize whether you have legal matters that must be addressed, such as DNA and Power of Attorney Forms.`

What We Do Not Do

In order to make the biggest difference for our clients, we focus our efforts on certain areas of expertise and do not:

  • Provide medical diagnoses/treatments or nursing care or make personal healthcare decisions
  • Provide transportation.
  • Assist with malpractice suits.
  • Prepare insurance claims.
  • Sell insurance policies
  • Selling medical devices